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, by Sal Sandal, 2 min reading time

How long has Habrok been manufacturing gis?

Habrok has a rich history in manufacturing sporting goods that dates back to the early 1900s when my great grandfather began producing soccer balls for the British colonists in South Asia. Over time, our family ventured into the textile industry in Pakistan, benefiting from the region's abundant cotton production. As the textile industry grew in Pakistan, gi production gradually shifted from countries like China and Brazil to Pakistan. Our family was among the pioneers in producing jiu-jitsu gis in Pakistan many years ago.

You mentioned sharing your story of coming to the United States. Would you mind sharing that with our readers?

Absolutely! I firmly believe that the American dream is still very much attainable for those who are determined to pursue it. I have always held onto the belief that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Habrok embodies that dream, passion, and ambition for me and my family. When we migrated to the United States in 1999, we had very little to our name — just $100. We lived in a small car garage in California, sharing it with my parents and two brothers. Habrok is not just a brand to us; it represents so much more. Throughout my upbringing, I admired successful brands like Nike and Adidas, and their inspiring origin stories. Now, I am writing my own story, and who knows, maybe one day our story will inspire another entrepreneur who will be interviewed about their own journey.

Why did you decide to launch a US operation for Habrok?

Having spent my childhood and early years in Pakistan, where my family was deeply involved in manufacturing sporting goods, I always wondered why no one ventured to start their own brand in other countries. Growing up amidst various brands being manufactured, I developed a fascination for them. After residing in the USA for over 18 years, I felt it was the perfect time to fulfill my childhood dream and establish our own brand. I knew that if not now, then never. In March of 2016, we began laying the groundwork for Habrok Inc., and finally, in March of 2017, we officially launched our brand.

What are your plans and aspirations for Habrok moving forward?

Our primary goal is to continue serving the jiu-jitsu community by providing high-quality products and innovative designs. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline for 2018 that we are genuinely enthusiastic about. Although we started as a jiu-jitsu brand, we aim to expand our offerings to include MMA and fitness apparel in the coming years. We are committed to growing and evolving while maintaining our dedication to providing top-notch products to our customers.


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