Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi - Habrok Jiu Jitsu Gi F4-DESERT-SAND 179.99
Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi - Habrok Jiu Jitsu Gi  179.99
Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi - Habrok Jiu Jitsu Gi  179.99
Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi - Habrok Jiu Jitsu Gi  179.99
Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi - Habrok Jiu Jitsu Gi  179.99
Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi - Habrok Jiu Jitsu Gi  179.99

Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi


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Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Habrok's Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi

Introducing the epitome of strength, style, and performance in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu attire – the Habrok Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi. Crafted to empower modern warriors on the mat, this exceptional Gi embodies the spirit of ancient Viking shield maidens, merging tradition with innovation for an unparalleled experience.

Key Features:

Premium Quality Fabric: Constructed from high-grade, ultra-durable materials, the Shield Maiden Gi is designed to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions while ensuring comfort and flexibility. Its robust fabric guarantees longevity, so you can focus on your techniques without worry.

Intricate Design: The Gi's design pays homage to the valiant Viking shield maidens, marrying their legendary strength with contemporary aesthetics. Every detail, from the meticulously embroidered insignias to the carefully chosen color palette, resonates with the Viking warrior ethos.

Tailored Fit: Habrok's precision tailoring ensures that the Shield Maiden Gi fits like a second skin. The carefully contoured cut allows for optimal movement and range of motion, giving you the confidence to execute your moves flawlessly.

Reinforced Stitching: Battle-tested and reinforced, the stitching on this Gi exemplifies durability. It can endure the most intense sparring sessions, making it a reliable companion in your journey toward mastery.

Breathability: Train harder and longer with the Gi's advanced breathability technology. Stay cool and comfortable as you navigate each grapple and submission, thanks to strategically placed ventilation panels.

Articulate Embroideries: The intricate Viking-inspired embroideries aren't just eye-catching; they tell a story of valor and courage. The detailing showcases the commitment to authenticity and sets you apart as a modern BJJ warrior.

Why Choose Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi:

Distinctive Identity: Unveil your unique persona on the mat with a Gi that reflects your inner strength and individuality.

Performance Enhancing: The Gi's ergonomic design and superior materials contribute to heightened performance, enabling you to train harder and excel in every roll.

Symbolism and Heritage: Embrace the essence of Viking shield maidens, who fearlessly defended their communities, and carry their legacy into your matches.

Durability: Invest in a Gi that promises longevity, giving you a reliable partner for countless training sessions and competitions.

Dominate the Mat with Habrok:

Step into the world of BJJ with the unparalleled Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi by Habrok. Elevate your training, connect with the spirit of ancient warriors, and conquer the mat with confidence. Embrace tradition, embody strength, and achieve greatness. Unleash your inner shield maiden today.

Join the ranks of modern warriors. Get your Habrok Viking The Shield Maiden BJJ Gi now and forge your legacy on the mat.

  • Elevate your BJJ experience with the 350 Gram Tatica Premium Pearl Weave Gi.
  • Stay agile and durable with the 10oz Ripstop Pants that offer flexibility and resilience.
  •  Enjoy maximum coverage and style with the CoolPearl Sublimated Inner Rash Guard, encompassing the full interior and ¾ sleeves.
  • Experience reduced friction and chafing through the thoughtful sublimation padding.
  • Admire the excellence of stitching and embroidery that adds both durability and elegance to the Gi.
  • Ensure long-lasting quality with triple stitching reinforcements and bartacks strategically placed in high-stress areas.
  • Embrace top-tier durability with the Gi's construction from premium-quality cotton.
  •  Discover unbeatable comfort and mobility through Habrok’s exclusive “Ergonomic Fit.”
  •  Skip the hassle – the Gi is Pre-Shrunk Twice, a perfect fit straight out of the box!



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'Habrok Size Chart'

Our Jiu Jitsu Gi's are "Modern fit" for training and competitions. They are not baggy or lose. Designed for BJJ Athletes.

K = Kids

A = Adult (Unisex)

F = Female

L = Long

H = Husky

C = Curvy

BJJ GI Size Chart for Men | Women | Kids | Jiu Jitsu Gi Size Chart

Size Weight Height
K000 38lbs - 40lbs >44"
K00 40lbs - 50lbs 44" - 48"
K0 50lbs - 60lbs 48" - 51"
K1 60lbs - 80lbs 51" - 53"
K2 80lbs - 95lbs 53" - 57"
K3 95lbs - 110Lbs 4'7" - 5'
A00 >105lbs >5'
A0 <125lbs <5'4"
A1 125lbs - 155lbs 5'4" - 5'8"
A1L 125lbs - 155lbs 5'9 - 5'11
A1H 155lbs - 170lbs 5'4'' - 5'8''
A2 156lbs - 180lbs 5'8" - 5'11"
A2L 156lbs - 180lbs 5'10" - 6'1"
A2H 180lbs - 200lbs 5'8 - 5'11
A3 181lbs - 210lbs 5'11" - 6'2"
A3L 181lbs - 220lbs 6' - 6'3
A3H 210lbs - 225lbs 5'11 - 6'2"
A4 210lbs - 245lbs 6'2" - 6'4"
A5 >245lbs  >6'4"
F0 86lbs - 97lbs 4'7" 5'1"
F1 97lbs - 117lbs 5'1" - 5'3"
F2 117lbs - 143lbs 5'3" - 5'7"
F2L 117lbs - 143lbs 5'5' - 5'9'
F2C 125lbs - 155lbs 5'3" - 5'-7"
F3 144lbs - 165lbs 5'8" - 5'11"
F3L 144lbs - 165lbs 5"9" - 6"
F3C 155lbs - 175lbs 5'8" - 5'11"
F4 165lbs - 185lbs 5'11" - 6'3"


Men's Rash Guards & Compression Top

Men Fight Shorts & Training Shorts
Women Rash Guards & Compression T-shirts
Shin Guards

Size Shin Length (Inches)
M 14"-14.5"
L 14.5"-15"
XL 15 - 16


MMA Gloves

S 6.5
M 7.5
L 8
XL 8.5



M/L 22"-24"
XL 24" - 25.6"


Boxing Gloves

SIZE Best Recommendations  BODY WEIGHT
8 OZ Training session / Competition < 140 lb
10 OZ Training session / Competition 140 - 150 lb
12 OZ Training session / Sparring / Heavy bag < 155 lb
14 OZ Training session / Sparring / Heavy bag < 177 lb
16 OZ Training session / Sparring / Heavy bag > 177 lb


Kid's Boxing Gloves
9-11 YEARS OLD L 8


Unleash your inner passion


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