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What Gear Do I Need for MMA Training?

, by Sal Sandal, 5 min reading time

MMA is a great way to exercise and learn self-defense. If you are thinking about joining an MMA gym then you need to have training gear. Having the right gear will be necessary before you will be allowed to train at the gym.

The gear is for your safety while you are training. The right gear will leave you more open to learning because you will have less fear of being injured.

 It is always best to invest in good gear that will not be ripped apart during intense training. There is a lot of gear that is needed and if you are on a budget you will need to differentiate between what you need immediately and what can wait.

Take a look at the essential gear listed here so you can have a better idea of what you need to get started.


MMA shorts are essential for your training and fighting this is because they provide unrestricted movement. Choosing the right pair of shorts for your needs can be a bit challenging if you are a beginner. This is because you may not know what to look for.

You need to purchase a pair of short that will not rip during training. Look shorts that have an adjustable waist. Make sure the splits are high enough so that you can move freely and without restrictions.

Choose shorts that have a lycra lining to prevent chafing and rashes. Your shorts should also be lightweight so that they are easy to wash and dry.

The Habrok Transform 2.0 fight shorts and the Elite Grappling shorts are great for both fighting and training. You can get a pair of each if you are a no-Gi fighter. It is also good for Gi fighters who may want to get a bit more comfortable from time to time.


You are going to need at least three pairs of gloves. You will want to buy a standard pair of gloves that you can use for pad and bag training.

The glove that you use for pad and bag training cannot be used for sparring you are going to need a lighter and softer glove. If you plan to compete then you are going to need an MMA glove it is much smaller and is used only in competition.

The Centurian X MMA Gloves sold from Habrok is a good choice for competitions. Once you get past the beginner’s stage and into the competitive stage you will need a pair of these.

For training on a heavy bag, you should also use hand wraps

Rash Guards

A rash guard is one of the essential pieces that you will need for your MMA training. This is especially useful if you do grappling. Rash guards come in long or short sleeves. A great short sleeve option is the Pugnator 2.0 Rash Guard from Habrok.

You do not need to buy a Rash Guard right away. You can start by wearing a t-shirt but eventually, you will need to wear a rash guard to protect your upper body from rashes, scrapes, and cuts. Rash guards will also keep your upper body cool as it helps to wick away sweat.

Shin Guards

A shin guard may come in two styles. Some will only cover your shin and others will cover your shin and the top of your foot. They are not just for the protection of your shin they can also protect the bones in your foot as well, based on the style.

Shin Guards also provide a protective layer for what you are kicking. When you are sparring with a live partner this will protect both of you from injury. The Centurian X Shin Guard from Habrok is an affordable choice that will keep you and whoever you are sparing with safe.


There are many types of headgear and you should ask your instructor which headgear is right for you. If it makes you feel more comfortable you can get full-face headgear. The padding for this gear goes all around the head. It creates a wrap around the face, chin, and cheeks.

This is a good choice for beginners since it will make you feel a bit more confident as you won’t have to worry about getting hit in the head. Once you have developed a bit more skill and confidence you can start using an open face helmet.

The most popular headgear is a helmet with an open face. It is padded around the head but the chin and face will be left open. This is a popular choice because it makes breathing easier. Headgear is something you must have if you are going to be sparring and in full contact or semi-contact in a fight.

There are many styles of each of these headgears available. The color and style you choose is a matter of personal taste and is all about what makes you feel comfortable.

Once you have been training for a while you will begin to have a much better idea of what you need.


Mouth guards will protect your mouth and your teeth from injury. This gear is something that cannot be overlooked because once you start sparring you will be hit in the mouth. Your hands are not enough to protect you in this situation.

This is one gear that you cannot afford to skimp on. Always buy the best, even if it is beginner’s mouth gear. As you progress you will need to upgrade to more expensive mouth guards.

Ready for Action

Now that you know all the MMA gear you need you are ready to start your training. The most important thing is to stay safe. Once you know that you are protected it will make it easier for you to concentrate and learn what you need to.

In the beginning, you may not be able to get all the gear you need but you should get the essentials. Make sure you protect your head, mouth, hands, and groin above all else.

Once you advance and get more involved you are likely to need more equipment to keep yourself safe during training.


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