Cool Pearl - Natural cooling fabric engineered for staying cool, dry and comfortable. 

Better Compression, Superior Performance

Habrok - advanced compression offers increased endurance and faster recovery time during training and in the ring. Our compression spats and rash guards all feature the CoolPearl technology, which allows you to stay cool, flexible and ready. Its durable construction makes it resistant to wear and tear, while its moisture-wicking abilities keep your body cool.

CoolPearl Compression Technology Code

  •  SKIN TEMP -To keep your body from overheating, it reduces skin surface temperatures
  • QUICK DRY - Its FastDry ability is what allows quick moisture evaporation and helps it dry faster
  • ANTI ODOR - Its woven fibers help in preventing bacterial growth and spread of germs
  • UV SHIELD - It has additional UV protection that keep your skin safe from dangers of ultraviolet rays
  • AirFlow - keeps your compression spat and rash guards well-ventilated and deters the accumulation of excess moisture that causes bacterial growth
  • COOL PEARL - Constructed from infused yarn that offers soft compression to boost endurance
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