Welcome Calvin Kattar to Habrok Team

We are thrilled to announce the signing of one of the most elite fighters in mixed martial arts today, UFC star, Calvin Kattar. ‘The Boston finisher’ caught our eye early on in his UFC career, displaying picture perfect boxing technique and the willingness to adapt his style to better suit his opponent.

Here at Habrok, we believe that adaption and following your intuition, even in the big moments, is a vital part of living. Kattar’s embrace of the grind, of the ‘I’ll fight anyone’ mindset, has made him a fantastic addition to the Habrok Team. Providing this future champion with high level MMA Gear with training equipment on the market, is a matter of great pride for us.

The basics of boxing, a jab, a 1-2, a lead-hook to the liver, have been staples of the sport for hundreds of years. Pugilists in the boxing ring deliver crisp and well-structured punches that maintain defense and stamina and deliver speed and power. When mixed martial arts came about, in the early 90s, this crisp technique was nowhere to be seen.

Partnering with a fighter like Calvin, is one of our proudest milestones at the company, we believe we can offer him everything he needs to touch the pinnacle of We wish him good luck in his upcoming bout with Max Holloway and can’t wait to see what exciting things he has in store for us in 2021.

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