XT 2.0 | Shin Guard | Habrok | MMA | Boxing | Muay Thai | Blue M / BlueShin Guard- Habrok
XT 2.0 | Shin Guard | Habrok | MMA | Boxing | Muay Thai | Blue Shin Guard- Habrok

XT 2.0 | Shin Guard | Habrok | MMA | Boxing | Muay Thai | Blue


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XT 2.0 | Shin Guard | Habrok | MMA | Boxing | Muay Thai

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A Shin guard's primary purpose is to protect your soft tissues and bones from injuries. This equipment facilitates energy dissipation and offers shock absorption to lower the risk of serious injuries. However, finding this type of protection in every shin guard is not possible. Most of them don’t give you promising results. This is why you need to opt for the Habrok XT 2.0, one of the best you can find in the market. So, if you don’t want to get hurt because of wearing low-quality products, then purchase XT 2.0 Shin guard.

Not to mention, it comes in three sizes; pick the one that fits best. Also, it has a decent blue color, which suits the personality of boxers. This accessory has a variety of features to offer you, which is the primary reason for its effectiveness. Unlike other products, XT 2.0 doesn’t get wear and tear and is durable.

There are several features and characteristics you should know to get fully convinced to purchase this beauty. So, let’s discuss some of them.


As the purpose of using a shin guard is to protect you when you are in the ring, it is designed using modern techniques. This boxing item has a composition of S-Tech Synthetic leather, which is perfectly stitched. It allows you to wear a perfectly well-designed shin guard. Habrok has made it with propriety X-Tech foam, which makes it extremely lightweight and gives it a sturdy shape.

The dual secure Velcro straps help you to get the right fitness. Interestingly, the brand has given great importance to the ergonomics of the shin pad. This means you feel much ease and more control while playing. If your opponent is too strong, you also need protection from high force and pressure. This is where XT 2.0 gives you optimized impact management.


This shin pad has a handmade fit curved, which helps you in the game. You may be surprised to know that it contains thick layers of foam to make it strong and durable.

Additionally, the skin to foot flex protection is another feature that you can take advantage of. It keeps your foot away from sudden pressure or plunge. This is how your foot doesn’t get hurt while playing.

Bottom Line

If you want to purchase a shin guard, you should get one from Habrok. It gives you flexibility, higher performance, durability, higher protection, and much more. So, if you want to get the benefit of the advanced technologies and give your best performance in the game, then get Habrok Shin pad now. 


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K = Kinderen

A = Volwassen (Unisex)

V = Vrouw

L = Lang

H = Husky

C = Bocht

BJJ GI-maattabel voor heren | Vrouwen | Kinderen | Jiu Jitsu Gi Maattabel

Maat Gewicht Hoogte
K000 38lbs - 40lbs >44"
K00 40lbs - 50lbs 44" - 48"
K0 50lbs - 60lbs 48" - 51"
K1 60lbs - 80lbs 51" - 53"
K2 80lbs - 95lbs 53" - 57"
K3 95lbs - 110lbs 4'7" - 5'
A00 >105 lbs >5'
A0 <125lbs <5'4"
A1 125lbs - 155lbs 5'4" - 5'8"
A1L 125lbs - 155lbs 5'9 - 5'11
A1H 155lbs - 170lbs 5'4'' - 5'8''
A2 156lbs - 180lbs 5'8" - 5'11"
A2L 156lbs - 180lbs 5'10" - 6'1"
A2H 180lbs - 200lbs 5'8 - 5'11
A3 181lbs - 210lbs 5'11" - 6'2"
A3L 181lbs - 220lbs 6' - 6'3
A3H 210lbs - 225lbs 5'11 - 6'2"
A4 210lbs - 245lbs 6'2" - 6'4"
A5 >245 pond  >6'4"
F0 86lbs - 97lbs 4'7" 5'1"
F1 97lbs - 117lbs 5'1" - 5'3"
F2 117lbs - 143lbs 5'3" - 5'7"
F2L 117lbs - 143lbs 5'5' - 5'9'
F2C 125lbs - 155lbs 5'3" - 5'-7"
F3 144lbs - 165lbs 5'8" - 5'11"
F3L 144lbs - 165lbs 5"9" - 6"
F3C 155lbs - 175lbs 5'8" - 5'11"
F4 165lbs - 185lbs 5'11" - 6'3"


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Maat Schenbeenlengte (inch)
M 14"-14,5"
L 14,5"-15"
XL 15 - 16



S 6.5
M 7,5
L 8
XL 8.5



M/L 22"-24"
XL 24" - 25.6"



8 OZ Trainingssessie / Competitie < 140 pond
10 OZ Trainingssessie / Competitie 140 - 150 pond
12 OZ Trainingssessie / Sparring / Zware tas < 155 pond
14 OZ Trainingssessie / Sparring / Zware tas < 177 pond
16 OZ Trainingssessie / Sparring / Zware tas > 177 pond


3-5 JAAR OUD S 6
6-8 JAAR OUD M 7
9-11 JAAR OUD L 8


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